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Agile Advisors 
 Shaping a sustainable future 


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Who We are!

Agile Advisors launched its operations in 2016 and has since rapidly grown globally. We have offices in UAE, Bahrain, UK and India. Our team brings in a plethora of expertise in sustainability cutting across different sectors.


We are committed to sustainable development and subscribe to the UN Sustainable development goals. As an organization, we have estimated our carbon footprint and have neutralized it using United Nations Approved Certified Emission Reductions.


Our key services include Sustainability Advisory, ESG reporting, carbon footprint development, green building certification as well as training and development.


As an industry leader, we have worked on 150+ diverse projects across countries such as UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, India and Syria.


Our clients include Governments, Donor Agencies, NGOs as well as Corporates. The corporate clients include companies in a variety of sectors such as energy utilities, oil & gas, cement, steel, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, mining, food, hospitality, aviation, banking, financial services sectors among others.


To everyone’s relief, US is back in the driver’s seat on climate change. Read more on US President Biden's Climate Summit

"To be a global leader in sustainable solutions, driving positive change by empowering organizations to thrive in harmony with the environment, society, and the economy through Agile Advisors' innovative strategies."

Our Mission

"At Agile Advisors, our mission is to partner with forward-thinking organizations, helping them integrate sustainable practices into their core strategies. We provide innovative, data-driven solutions that enhance environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic resilience.

Our dedicated team of experts collaborates with clients to navigate the complexities of sustainability, create meaningful impact, and foster a regenerative future for generations to come. Together, we build a world where businesses and communities flourish, driven by the principles of sustainability."

Our Vision

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