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CBAM - Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) regulation addresses carbon leakage from products, goods, derivatives, and certain precursors imported into the European Union. The CBAM regulation aims to equalize the carbon cost of imported products with that of domestic products. 


Agile Advisors provides the following services to assist companies in developing and executing a CBAM strategy:

  1. Evaluation of gaps concerning CBAM implementation, covering both administrative and technical prerequisites

  2. Assurance services encompassing a thorough review of processes, methodologies, and data elements (including availability and quality) necessary for meeting CBAM compliance requirements.

  3. Digital solutions for calculating emissions embedded in the production of affected goods.

  4. Verification of greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories, emission calculations, and reporting procedures throughout the value chain.

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism
CBAM regulation
carbon footprint consultant

Our CBAM Services


CBAM Readiness Support


Carbon footprint as per CBAM methodology


Assurance and Verification of carbon footprints


Digital tools to manage CBAM requirements

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