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Building Energy Audit

Energy audit is a process which helps  both the residential and the commercial facilities to reduce the operating cost and emissions . An energy audit is a process and inspection survey to understand the energy use of the Facilities and to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency while maintaining or improving occupants’ comfort. In addition to this, energy audits are part for energy efficient building certification and Green Building Certifications.

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Industry Energy Audit

We are providing services which are related to Industries which are consumed energy according to their manufacturing of the products across the globe. We shall do the assessment according to ASHRAE standards to optimise their energy and carbon foot print without the reduction in the quality of the products and to reduce their operating cost . We are experienced auditor to execute the assessment across globe according to need of the client like full fledged energy and environmental audits, targeted audits.

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Data  Centre Energy Audit

All the data centers are having round the clock operations and their availability should be 100 %. The assessment is not relevant to availability, but it is energy audit for its electrical and cooling infrastructure. Because one of the expenses for the data center operation is cost for power and cooling.


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Power Quality  Audit

Assessment of quality of the electrical power in the facility. The grid supply power quality is extremely high. But due to controlling the electrical power usage at facility, the facilities generate the harmonics, or which are the distortion or dirt in the electrical power supply within the local electrical infrastructure.  If it is exceeding the limit, it is an electrical hazardous and waste of electrical energy due to internal circulation. So, conducting the assessment for the power quality and suggest the recommendations to nullify the effect.

Energy Audit Services

We Undertake Energy Efficiency Assessments Of Large Buildings And Industrial Facilities To identify Energy Efficiency Improvement Opportunities.  

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Remote Energy Monitoring Services

Monitoring the energy consumption according to the variables and send out the reports agreed timelines. Report any spikes or any anomalies in the energy consumption to the maintenance personal who’s prime, or priority is keep up the facility for the operations not the energy optimization or monitoring of the energy consumption and finding out the reason for the anomalies. Then report all the anomalies with the reasons and disclose them to the management at the agreed interval for the above.

1. Energy audit/ energy assessment/ Energy management assessment.

2. Assessment of energy management infrastructure and execution of improvement according to the suggestions

3. Then at the centralized point, 1 +1 team will work. It could be a desktop service.

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Energy Modeling Services

Model the facility energy consumption according to the historical data and variables according to the facility type. Approximately 90% can be accurately we can predict according to the availability of historical data. Here heating will be issue at the lower temperatures.

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Electrical Safety Services

We are experts in the industry providing professional electrical safety solutions to our clients on a global basis and have worked several relevant assignments. We help to reduce the risk and improve the protection of the workplace.

Buildings Have Huge Environmental Footprint And We Help Our Clients In Managing & Reducing These Impacts.

"Green buildings and communities reduce landfill waste, enable alternative transportation use and encourage retention and creation of vegetated land areas and roofs. High-performing green buildings, provide the means to reduce the climate impacts of buildings and provide better indoor air quality for their inhabitants."