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Our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) Services

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Certification Demonstrates Commitment To Operating Within Sustainability Guidelines Prescribed By Expert Authorities And Reducing Adverse Environmental Impacts Of The Product Or Service.  With Increased Demand For Products With Such Certifications, Specifically For LEED v4 Product Credits And Other Green Building Rating Systems, It Is Strongly Recommended To Have A Verified EPD. EPDs Meet All Requirements Of Product Category Rules (PCR) And Follow International Standards, Including ISO 14044, ISO 14025, And ISO 21930.


EPD Verification

Agile Advisors can critically review the completed LCA and provide a template for the EPD. Later on, we verify the EPD against the LCA report and designated PCR.

Details of Environmental Product Declarations EPD LEED Product Certification

The reliability, transparency, and quality of Environmental Product Declarations are determined by three factors:


The international standard governing EPDs (ISO 14025) requires that certified EPDs be prepared in accordance with PCRs meeting specific criteria. PCRs define the product category, describe the scope of the life cycle assessment (LCA) to be conducted, and identify the types of potential impacts that must be evaluated and reported.


LCA Study

 The LCA is typically conducted by a recognized neutral third-party, in accordance with international LCA standards (ISO-14040 series). The assessment must, at a minimum, address each environmental or human health impact identified in the PCR.


EPD Report

The quality of the resulting EPD is based on the findings of this assessment. It must disclose all information required in ISO 14025 and defined in the PCR, including a description of the study scope, the product, results, and additional environmental information about the product.

Product Category Rule (PCR)

Agile Advisors has collaborated with Eligible EPD Program Operators under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and has a mutual recognition agreement for building and construction products based on EN 15804 and ISO 21930 with the International EPD System – Environmental Product Declarations EPD LEED Product Certification – Environmental Product Declarations EPD Dubai UAE LEED Certification.

Agile Advisors has an experienced in-house life cycle assessment (LCA) team that manages every aspect of the EPD process, collaborating with your business to ensure a smooth, efficient LCA and an accurate EPD. We offer the following services:


LCA and EPD Development

Firstly, Agile Advisors conducts the LCA and prepares the EPD report based on the appropriate PCR. We then work with an external third-party to independently verify the EPD before publishing.

We offer two pathways towards an EPD. Refer the EPD Development Process, and the EPD Verification Process for more details.





  • Identify the Product Category Rule: Agile Advisors will work with you to find the PCR that is most relevant to your product. If a relevant PCR does not exist, we offer PCR development services.

  • Scoping and Data Collection: Agile Advisors works with you to ensure that the EPD will represent your range of products through an efficient and cost-effective scope. Agile Advisors sends a Data Request Form to gather necessary supplier and manufacturing data and we provide guidance all along this process.

  • Perform Life Cycle Assessment: Agile Advisors builds the LCA model(s) using LCA modeling software, data collected, and supplemental Ecoinvent datasets. The resulting LCA Report is critically reviewed for conformance to ISO 14044 following ISO 14071.


  • Prepare EPD: Our Life Cycle Assessment team prepares an EPD compliant with the PCR, incorporating the results of the LCA and any other information required in a market-ready format. Your feedback on the EPD is included in the EPD preparation.

  • Verify EPD: Consistent with the requirements of ISO 14025, the EPD will be reviewed and verified by a third-party team. Agile Advisors facilitates this verification process through a fully independent external verifier.


  • Publish EPD: Once the EPD is completed and verified, Agile Advisors will register the EPD in the Agile Advisors Green Products Guide.

The EPD Development Process

  • Understand your environmental footprint

  • Unlock potential revenue stream from carbon credits

  • Cost savings from energy and water efficiency

  • Support national, regional and global agenda on climate change mitigation

  • Brand differentiation

  • Access to funds earmarked for sustainable/ESG investments  & green bonds

  • Regulatory requirements

  • Peer pressure

  • Right thing to do

As leading carbon footprint consultancy in the Middle East and Indian sub continent we have assisted multiple organisations in low carbon transformation.

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