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LEED Consultancy

Interior Design and Construction (ID+C)

For complete interior fit-out projects. Includes Commercial Interiors, and also includes applications for Retail and Hospitality.

LEED Consultancy in UAE

For new construction or major renovations. Includes New Construction and Core & Shell, and also includes applications for Schools, Retail, Hospitality, Data Centers, Warehouses & Distribution Centers and Healthcare.

LEED Consultant

Building Operations and Maintenance (O+M)

For existing buildings that are undergoing improvement work or little to no construction. Includes Existing Buildings, and also includes applications for Schools, Retail, Hospitality, Data Centers, and Warehouses & Distribution Centers.


LEED, a voluntary, consensus-based, market-driven program, ensures third-party verification of green buildings. Agile Advisors, a prominent LEED Consultancy, has successfully completed numerous projects worldwide. Our LEED Consultancy services cater to various LEED Rating Systems, fostering LEED certification in UAE. Trust us as your LEED Consultant in Dubai and UAE, ensuring sustainable excellence in your projects.

Building Design and Construction (BD+C)

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Neighborhood Development (ND)

For new land development projects or redevelopment projects containing residential uses, nonresidential uses, or a mix. Projects can be at any stage of the development process, from conceptual planning to construction. Includes Plan and Built Project.

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For single family homes, low-rise multi-family (one to three stories) or mid-rise multi-family (four or more). Includes Homes, Multifamily Lowrise, Multifamily Midrise. Homes and residential buildings that are greater than four stories may also use LEED BD+CLearn more about LEED homes.

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Cities and Communities

For entire cities and sub-sections of a city. LEED for Cities projects can measure and manage their city’s water consumption, energy use, waste, transportation and human experience

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Available for all LEED projects certified under the BD+C or O+M rating systems or registered to pursue LEED O+M certification. LEED Zero is for projects with net zero goals in carbon and/or resources. Connect with us if you are looking for a LEED consultancy that can assist you in achieving LEED Zero certificate.

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LEED Recertification

LEED recertification helps you maintain and improve your building while keeping your sustainability investment in place. Applies to all occupied and in-use projects that have previously achieved certification under LEED. As your LEED Consultant we help you recertify your LEED certified buildings.

Buildings Have Huge Environmental Footprint And As leed consultant We Help Our Clients In Managing & Reducing These Impacts.

"LEED Certified buildings and communities play a pivotal role in waste reduction, promotion of alternative transportation, and fostering the preservation of vegetated land areas and roofs. Our LEED Consultancy services actively support clients in designing and operating high-performing green buildings, offering solutions to minimize the climate impacts of constructions. As your trusted LEED Consultant in Dubai and UAE, we guide projects to attain LEED certification, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly approach that aligns with the principles of LEED Certification in Dubai and UAE. By choosing our LEED Consultancy in Dubai and UAE, you are investing in structures that prioritize better indoor air quality for their inhabitants while contributing to a greener and more sustainable future."

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