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Our Sustainability Assurance Services

Independent assurance of reports against international standards, demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to disclose ESG performance to customers and stakeholders which is free of material errors, thus instilling further confidence into the organisations ESG report. It also ensures that all social and environmental information published is accurate and correct.


Our assurance engagements are based on ISAE 3000 and AA1000AS standards. Our team is highly experienced in sustainability matters with experts from variety of sectors thus pooling in a team capable of diverse issues covered in sustainability reports.

Why undertake Sustainability Assurance

  • Strengthens internal awareness of material sustainability risks.

  • Positive influence on branding and enhanced reputation.

  • Systems, processes and internal controls around sustainability performance improve with each assurance engagement.

  • Ensures credibility, reliability and accuracy of  disclosures.

  • Improves positioning with credit, risk, regulatory and sustainability rankings.

With increasing pressure from regulators, and stakeholders companies are seeking external assurance of their sustainability performance.


Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals can conduct sustainability reviews and audits to:

• Ensure compliance with the relevant regulations and policies • Evaluate internal control and governance frameworks

• Assess how the emerging social and environmental megatrends are likely to affect the company and its market

• Comprehensively assess the business’s material ESG risks, liabilities and opportunities"

Our Assurance Methodology




Conduct desk reviews of ESG and sustainability related policies, Board committees, governance structures, strategy, projects, partner identification and selection process, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.


Conduct a materiality risk assessment through evaluation of structural breaks, signals of change and impact to operations from sustainability megaforces.


Interactions with project teams, management and other stakeholders.


Review of stakeholders identification and selection process.


Review of assurance protocols, performance indicators, case studies and statements reported.


 Trend analysis, peer reviews and detailed benchmarking.

Business Meeting


Review of assurance protocols, performance indicators, case studies and statements reported.


Test linkage of Materiality and Stakeholder engagements with performance indicators.


Create management letter, classify observations and findings, and issue assurance statement.

Sustainability report consultant

Our Role as Assurance Provider


Identifying Material Issues to report on through stakeholder consultation and materiality analysis.


Liasing with data owners to collect data and case studies on material issues.
Align your sustainability strategy and goals with local and global frameworks such as UNFCCC


Develop report content in accordance with standards such as GRI. Design the report in accordance with your branding guidleins. Digitise the report in form of a microsite.


Extending support for GRI review services or assurance services. Developing executive summary, newsletter and/or application for Awards and recognitions for your sustainability initiatives/programs.

As your sustainability report consultant we ensure that we support you from the kick off till the launch of the report. We handhold our clients throughout the reporting cycle.

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