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Our Sustainability Advisory Services

We believe businesses must do more to foster sustainable and inclusive growth which supports the attainment of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). The stepping stone towards devising a long term sustainability strategy for an organization is to assess their current impact on Society, Economy and Environment, the three pillars of sustainability.


We at Agile help our clients in developing sustainability reports, implementing sustainability initiatives and setting short and long term sustainability strategy. Our robust methodology ensures that the reports and strategies we develop integrate the global and regional sustainability frameworks such as UN SDGs, UNGC principles, GRI Standards, SBTi, CDP etc.


Till date we have delivered 20+ sustainability reporting and strategy assignments for several clients across Middle East and Asia, positioning us as one of the leading sustainability report consultant in the Middle East and Asia Region.

Sustainability Report Consultant

Sustainability Reporting Advisory

Reporting on ESG performance has increasingly become important for organisations globally. Our robust methodology ensures that the sustainability report we develop integrate the global and regional sustainability frameworks such as UN SDGs, UNGC principles, GRI Standards, GHG Protocol etc. As a sustainability report consultant we have worked on 20+ reports for clients across industry sectors.

Sustainability Report Consultant In Dubai​

Sustainability Strategy Development

Our sustainability strategy approach guides companies through ESG challenges by starting where you are along your sustainability journey and helping you to develop a comprehensive sustainability strategy that supports your company’s business objectives. As a sustainability consultant we have developed sustainability strategy for both government and private sector organisations.

Sustainability Reporting Consultant

Sustainability Assurance

We conduct review of the report and audit the non-financial data to provide our assurance opinion for a sustainability report.  We have pool of resources having expertise in different sustainability issues including, energy, water, waste, human resource etc.  We have provided sustainability assurance to several clients.

Sustainability Reporting Consultant In Dubai

CSR Management System - ISO 26000

 ISO 26000 is viewed as a way of assessing and implementing organization’s commitment to sustainability and overall performance. We have supported several organisations in implementing CSR management system in line with ISO 26000 requirements.

Sustainability Reporting Consultant in UAE

Business Responsibility Reporting (BRR & BRSR)

Business Responsibility Reporting (“BRR”) and the upcoming business responsibility and sustainability reporting (“brsr”) are mandated sustainability disclosures expected from the stock exchange registered companies. The requirements were issued by SEBI, India. We help our clients identify, monitor and report on the KPIs in line with the BRR / BRSR requirements. 

Sustainability Report Consultant In Dubai

 Sustainable Supply Chain

Supply chain management is an indispensable part of a business’s sustainability program. Knowing the level of environmental, social, and economic impact the supply chain has is becoming increasingly common as all industries move towards a more sustainable future. We at  Agile assist organisations in identifying, managing, and setting goals and targets against the supply chain risks and opportunities.

Integrating Sustainability Across Your Value Chain

"Everything depends on our ability to sustainably inhabit this earth, and true sustainability will require us all to change our way of thinking on how we take from the earth and how we give back."

Sustainability Reporting Consultancy
Sustainability Report Consultant In UAE
Sustainability Reporting Consultant In UAE​
Sustainability Reporting Consultant In Dubai 
Sustainability Reporting Consultancy
Sustainability Report Consultant In Dubai

Why Disclose sustainability Performance?

  • Stakeholders are becoming aware and expecting transparency on social and environmental impacts

  • Enhance market Share and  differentiate brand

  • Access to funds earmarked for sustainable/ESG investments  & green bonds

  • Regulatory requirements

  • Peer pressure

  • Right thing to do

"Nowadays corporates are more and more under the spotlight for the impact they have on the communities and the environment. As a Sustainability Reporting Consultancy we are witnessing a growing demand for  enhanced transparency on non-financial (Sustainability/ESG) reporting coming from civil society, regulatory bodies, socially responsible investors, international organizations and also from national and international regulatory requirements. In other words, there’s a strong demand from stakeholders for a transparent disclosure of information concerning the Sustainability/ESG issues and as a Sustainability Reporting Consultancy we help clients achieve this. As one of the leading sustainability reporting consultant we help companies identify material ESG topics they must disclose in line with global best practices and standards. In our role as a sustainability report consultant we  make sure that the client receives a world class report that complies with global best practises on sustainability reporting"


Operations of all businesses have Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) concerns. In the last few years the term EGS has been frequently used in the sustainability sphere. This term initially arose from the ESG assessment conducted by financial institutions for funding. Boadly these ESG issues include the following:

Corporate governance outlines the relationship between stakeholders, management and the board of directors of the organisation. Good corporate governance provides direction on how the organisation shall implement its business strategy, achieve the goals, identify & manage risks and benefit its internal and external stakeholder as well as the environment. By disclosing information on the organisation’s structures, policies and procedures we further strengthen confidence amongst the stakeholders that the company has strong governance structure in place making it less susceptible to adverse scenarios. Get in touch withAgile Advisors - the leading ESG and sustainability report consultant 



The E in ESG stands for environmental criteria. These include energy consumed, GHG emissions, waste generation, water and other natural resource consumption as well as release of pollutants.


S denotes the Social Criteria and includes issues such as community welfare programs,  labor relations, diversity and inclusion, human rights, consumer protection etc

Business Meeting


G, represents the Governance of the organisation and includes practices, controls, and procedures a company adopts in order to govern itself, make effective decisions, comply with the regulations, operate fairly and meet the needs of its stakeholders.

Sustainability report consultant

Our role as your sustainability report consultant


Identifying Material Issues to report on through stakeholder consultation and materiality analysis.


Liasing with data owners to collect data and case studies on material issues.
Align your sustainability strategy and goals with local and global frameworks such as UNFCCC


Develop report content in accordance with standards such as GRI. Design the report in accordance with your branding guidleins. Digitise the report in form of a microsite.


Extending support for GRI review services or assurance services. Developing executive summary, newsletter and/or application for Awards and recognitions for your sustainability initiatives/programs.

As your sustainability report consultant we ensure that we support you from the kick off till the launch of the report. We handhold our clients throughout the reporting cycle.

As a leading Sustainability Reporting Consultancy, we at Agile Advisors are dedicated to guiding businesses in understanding and communicating their environmental and social impacts effectively. Our expertise in sustainability reporting is not just about ensuring compliance; it's about telling your story in a way that resonates with stakeholders. Partnering with Sustainability Reporting Consultancy like Agile Advisors means receiving tailored advice to showcase your commitment to sustainability in a clear, transparent, and impactful manner. We Sustainability Report Consultant In Dubai understand the importance of sustainability in today's business landscape and are committed to helping you navigate these complexities. With Agile Advisors the Sustainability Reporting Consultancy, you can trust that your sustainability reporting will be handled with the utmost professionalism and insight, reflecting your dedication to a sustainable future.

Sustainability reporting in Dubai

In Dubai, the role of a Sustainability Report Consultant has become increasingly vital in guiding companies to align with the city's vision of sustainable development. As a Sustainability Report Consultant in Dubai, the focus is on helping businesses to not only understand but also effectively communicate their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. This aligns with the United Arab Emirates' strategic goals, including the UAE Vision 2021 and the Dubai Plan 2021, which emphasize sustainable growth and a green economy. Companies in Dubai, under the guidance of a Sustainability Report Consultant, are adopting sustainability reporting practices to demonstrate their commitment to these objectives. The work of a Sustainability Report Consultant in Dubai is pivotal in ensuring that these companies can showcase their efforts in reducing environmental impacts and contributing positively to the community. This trend, driven by the expertise of Sustainability Report Consultant, marks a significant step towards establishing Dubai as a leading smart and sustainable city, setting a regional benchmark in corporate environmental and social governance. Furthermore, the involvement of a Sustainability Reporting Consultant in these processes is crucial for ensuring accuracy, relevance, and strategic alignment of sustainability initiatives with global standards and stakeholder expectations. Sustainability Reporting Consultant in Dubai play a key role in bridging the gap between corporate ambitions and tangible sustainability outcomes, reinforcing the city's commitment to leading in sustainable development.

Sustainability regulations in the UAE
In the United Arab Emirates, regulations regarding sustainability reporting have gained prominence, underscoring the need for the expertise of a Sustainability Report Consultant in UAE. These regulations require organizations to comprehensively disclose their environmental, social, and governance impacts, necessitating the specialized skills of a Sustainability Report Consultant in UAE for accurate and transparent reporting. Adhering to international standards, these mandates encourage companies to adopt sustainable practices, a process where the guidance of a Sustainability Report Consultant in UAE becomes invaluable. By focusing on key metrics such as carbon emissions, energy consumption, and social contributions, these regulations not only align with the UAE's sustainable vision but also drive businesses towards ethical and environmentally conscious practices, crucial for global efforts in climate change mitigation and social development.

In this evolving landscape, the role of a Sustainability Reporting Consultant in UAE becomes increasingly critical. These professionals provide essential expertise in navigating the complexities of sustainability reporting, ensuring that organizations not only comply with UAE regulations but also excel in their sustainability initiatives. A Sustainability Reporting Consultant in UAE offers tailored strategies to meet specific environmental and social goals, aiding companies in effectively communicating their sustainability journey. Furthermore, the insights and analysis provided by a Sustainability Reporting Consultant in UAE are vital for businesses to align their operations with both national and global sustainability standards, thus contributing significantly to the broader agenda of sustainable development and corporate responsibility.

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